Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mutfak?
So glad you asked! Mutfak is a weekly meal delivery service that brings fresh, homemade Turkish cuisine to your doorstep. The order process is simple; select the meals you want from our menu, wait for your delivery, and enjoy!

How does Mutfak work?
A new menu is published on our website twice a week, containing delicious main dishes, sides, soups, desserts, mezes and popular store items. After signing up, make your item and quantity selection from the menu and you’re done! Deliveries are made every Sunday and Wednesday, with every order billed individually and no subscription necessary.

How long can I store my meals for?
We prepare our meals twice a week, so every dish is designed with refrigerator storage in mind. For the freshest taste, keep your meals chilled for no longer than 5 days (recommended time is 3-4 days).

How do I properly reheat my meals?
Every delivery comes with a preparation sheet that will explain the temperature and duration each meal should be heated at.

Do you offer vegetarian options?
Yes! We are proud to offer a wide variety of meals for our vegetarian customers. Check out our menu to see what’s available this week.

What happens if I miss my delivery?
We will do everything in our power to ensure a convenient delivery for you. This includes providing you with a delivery window and giving you a call 30 minutes prior to our arrival. However, if for some reason we cannot reach you at the time of your delivery, you will be billed for the missed delivery. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Is there a minimum order I must place through the website?
Yes, in order to provide you with the freshest meals at the most affordable prices we require a minimum of 3 main dishes per order. There are no minimum amounts on side dishes or other products. Enjoy your fresh meal and store the rest for later!

Do the meals contain nuts or other allergens?
Although we aim to accommodate customers with allergies, we cannot guarantee that our products have not come in contact with nuts or other possible allergens. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.